To Report a Catastrophe Claim

  • What is a Catastrophe?
    A catastrophe is a natural, widespread disaster including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, windstorms, hailstorms and earthquakes to name a few.

    Be Prepared!
    We hope our policyholders never experience a catastrophe or have a catastrophic loss.  However, to help prepare, protect, and recover from such an event, please review the information on our CAT Information Center. This site provides information on preparing for a natural disaster, weather forecasting, and links to helpful sites such as the American Red Cross and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

    Lexington understands the circumstance policyholders may face having suffered a catastrophic loss and provide several options for reporting claims.

    For Policyholders, the preferred method of reporting a First Notice of Loss during a catastrophic event is to follow the general rule of reporting the claim to the insured’s Broker or Program Administrator.

    In the event the Broker or Program Administrator cannot be immediately reached, we provide several options to contact us directly.

    Call Us
    Lex Call One® is a toll-free claim reporting hotline that enables Policyholders, Brokers, and Program Administrators to report catastrophe claims, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once reported, a reference number will be provided for tracking purposes.  To report a claim to our Lex Call One professionals call 1-800-931-9546.

    Fax Us
    To report a catastrophe claim by fax, please use the following fax numbers:

    To Report:Send Fax To:
    Homeowner/Personal Line claim1-866-480-5396
    Business/Commercial Line claim1-866-480-5394
    Professional Liability and Architects and Engineers claim1-866-671-9288
    Primary General Liability claim1-866-947-4165
    Excess General Liability claim1-866-244-0519

    E-mail Us

    To report a catastrophe claim by e-mail, please use the following e-mail addresses:

    To report:Send email to: 
    Homeowner Catastrophe
    Commercial Property
    A&E (Architects & Engineers)
    Professional Liability
    Primary General Liability
    Excess General Liability 

    Online Reporting
    A catastrophe claim can also be reported on line using our Catastrophe First Notice of Loss claim form.  Claims may be reported with a minimum of information including name, address, telephone number, date, location and description of loss.  Lexington will send an e-mail confirmation once the completed form has been received by our claims department.

    What's Next?
    New claims will be assigned a claim number for identification purposes and forwarded to a Lexington claim professional for expert handling.  Lexington will promptly contact the insured if additional information is required and keep them informed of the status of the claim.

    Questions Regarding a Previously Reported Catastrophe Claim
    For questions on catastrophe claims that have already been reported, Lexington’s Customer Service Center is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. by calling 1-877-873-9972.  Please have a claim number available if possible.

    Existing claim inquiries can also be made by sending us an email at:  The request will be received by our Customer Service Center where it will be reviewed, replied to or forwarded appropriately to a claim professional suited to answer the question.