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As part of the AIG Higher Education Industry Practice Group, Lexington provides a comprehensive suite of insurance products and risk management services designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions.

These products are designed to help protect against commonly occurring risks such as athletic event liability, liquor liability, sexual misconduct liability, and corporal punishment liability. Lexington can also provide general liability coverage as well as medical malpractice liability to include coverage for doctors working in student clinics.

From property and general liability coverage to employment practices liability and security and privacy coverage, Lexington provides some of the highest limits available in the market. These coverages are supported by innovative solutions such as our CrisisResponse® and Evacuation Response coverage enhancements, as well as protection against terrorism risk.

Lexington’s deep knowledge and experience in the education sector also helps colleges and universities manage new and emerging risks. Programs such as LexWildfire Smoke® protects against lost business income from cancelling student outdoor operations due to unhealthy ambient air quality. Another recently introduced product, HELP®-International Catastrophe, which indemnifies against the financial impact from international students withdrawing because of catastrophes in their place of origin, demonstrates Lexington’s innovative approach to higher education risk protection.



A leading underwriter of general casualty and financial lines risk for over 40 years, Lexington can provide primary liability, lead umbrella, buffer layer excess and follow form excess liability coverage. ..


Given the breadth of underwriting expertise that may be required to address unique coverage requirements, we have the experience and can exercise flexibility in capacity deployment. We can provide up to $50 million in critical CAT capacity and up to $1.5 billion in non-catastrophic commercial limits. This capacity is available for a broad array of commercial occupancies including commercial real estate, manufacturing, municipalities, retail, and healthcare risks. ..

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Lexington's products are available through surplus lines brokers. For more information on our products and services available for educational institutions, interested brokers please click here.

To learn more about the risk management solutions available from the AIG Higher Education Industry Practice Group, interested brokers can click here.