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Lexington Insurance is the largest underwriter of CAT-exposed commercial property in the U.S.  We provide up to $50 million in critical CAT capacity, and up to $1.5 billion in non-catastrophic commercial domestic limits.

Primary CAT business has policy limits up to $50M maximum. Our deployed capacity does not generally exceed $25M written in either a full layer primary or quota share arrangement. There may be times when we deploy additional capacity in an excess layer position, not to exceed the $50M maximum capacity threshold. Business can be single location or multi-national where there are larger schedules involving large insurable values or CAT. Smaller business in this segment generally does not have a risk manager and can approach us through many sources, including small agents, medium sized brokers, wholesalers or large brokers. Larger business involving CAT generally does have a full time risk manager and transacts through large global, national, and regional brokers.

This market-leading capacity is complemented by our unparalleled risk management and loss prevention engineering services and unmatched claims handling expertise to help policyholders better protect the full breadth of their property assets.

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For 50 years, Lexington has been providing wide-ranging healthcare coverages, cutting-edge patient safety services, and dedicated claims expertise to help healthcare organizations protect their bottom line. Not only do we provide a broad, flexible policy form to address the myriad risks of the industry, we are also at the forefront in helping healthcare organizations meet one of the greatest challenges of the day: enhancing patient safety.

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Lexington Insurance is a leading underwriter of primary and excess casualty products in the surplus lines market. We bring to market 50 years of underwriting expertise, deep industry knowledge, specialized risk management and loss control benefits, and dedicated claims handling services.

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Financial Lines

A market leader in management and professional liability exposures, Lexington responds to the needs of public, private, and non-profit insureds with an extensive portfolio of Financial Lines coverages.

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LexElite® Personal Lines

LexElite provides personal lines coverages for exposures others cannot. Our underwriters are among the most technically proficient at analyzing the unique and complex needs of high-risk and high-value personal lines exposures.

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