Providing healthcare policyholders with the tools to help detect and reduce risk outcomes before they impact profitability or exposure.

  • Lexington understands the diverse nature of healthcare risk and can provide a broad approach to clinical risk management and patient safety, whether the risk is a large healthcare organization, a small rural hospital or a long term care facility.  Policyholders benefit from a wide selection of expert resources designed to address clinical exposures, successfully and proactively manage risk, and enhance patient safety.

    Through our knowledgeable and experienced Lexington Healthcare risk management consultants, policyholders can receive Customized Risk and Patient Safety Consulting Services including comprehensive onsite consultations where evaluations are conducted on clinical and operational structures and processes. Follow-up recommendations detail risk reduction strategies designed to assist policyholders in reducing professional liability risk and improving patient safety while avoiding adverse outcomes.

    Lexington offers a wide array of Best Practice Assessments (BPAs) focused on high risk clinical areas and other functions.  Based upon guidelines from professional associations and various agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, BPAs provide a roadmap to improving patient care by benchmarking against published best practices. These recommendations can guide and strengthen patient care initiatives and help reduce areas of risk such as healthcare-associated infections.

    Monthly webcasts are presented by industry-leading subject matter experts and focus on pivotal risk management issues for healthcare organizations. These webcasts are accessible on RiskTool. RiskTool®, Lexington’s unique web-based risk management system, provides many sources of information, assessment tools, and training for virtually all segments of healthcare practice including hospitals, physician offices practice, long term care, and ambulatory and home care settings. 

    RiskTool is available 24/7 and provides direct access to popular online risk prevention resources as well as whitepapers, sample policies, training bundles, and webcasts.  In addition to professional liability content, RiskTool has many resources specifically designed for healthcare workers’ safety as well as fleet safety.