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Properly protecting financial assets from potentially catastrophic losses is critical and complicated. Catastrophes come in many forms, from earthquakes and hurricanes, to terrorism and pandemics. Lexington Insurance Company understands the multiple facets of catastrophe risks and provides a range of insurance coverages that enable businesses to withstand the potentially devastating financial impact of disasters. Coverages include: 

Catastrophe Property Insurance
Lexington provides a unique level of security, flexibility, and capacity. As a consistent leader in meeting the challenges of the commercial property market, Lexington delivers a broad range of products addressing the entire spectrum of property risk.

LexWildfire Smoke®
Protects colleges, universities, and other facilities from the business income losses they suffer if their operations are disrupted by smoke from a local wildfire.

Global Supply Secure®
Enhanced contingent business interruption (CBI) coverage that responds to potentially disruptive events within an insured’s supply chain generally not included in typical CBI coverage.

Provided in conjunction with lead commercial umbrella insurance, dedicated CrisisReponse limits provide funds for managing media relations and other factors essential to mitigate a catastrophic casualty crisis.

Provides coverage for the potentially catastrophic financial losses that arise from computer network security breaches. Three-part coverage encompasses information asset protection, cyber extortion coverage, network business interruption, and cyber extortion insurance.

Property Terrorism Insurance
Flexible property coverage for acts of terrorism committed domestically and abroad.

OpShield® - Responds to the substantial business interruption losses and extra expenses a business incurs when operations are impeded by a civil or military order imposed following a terrorist act.

Evacuation Response Coverage
Enables healthcare, higher education and other institutions to insure the evacuation expenses associated with a civil emergency. Coverage is triggered by a local civil authority's mandatory evacuation order.

Pandemic Rx®
Reimburses acute medical care facilities for business income loss sustained and extra expenses incurred during an influenza pandemic.

Nosocomial Rx®
Protects hospitals against the losses they face if a clonal outbreak of a nosocomial infection leads to the closure of one or more medical departments. Coverage encompasses business income losses, mitigation expenses, crisis and regulatory response costs, and HIPAA claim preparation costs.

International Catastrophe – Provides first-party coverage expressly for tuition-related lost income an insured college or university sustains when the enrollment status of an international student is disrupted due to a catastrophe that results in extensive and widespread damage in the student’s home country.

These product descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not provide a complete description of coverage terms, conditions, exclusions, and limits.  Please refer to the actual policy for complete coverage details.