Cat Info Center


Catastrophes can happen anytime, anywhere. Lexington Insurance Company is experienced and equipped to help businesses successfully weather disasters. This Catastrophe Information Center (CIC) is one of the many ways we help our policyholders be prepared too. Drawing on decades of working with businesses through catastrophes, Lexington has stocked the CIC with best-in-class tools, information and resources for brokers to help policyholders prepare to mitigate damages, protect assets, and recover as expeditiously as possible from a disaster.


This information and resources can help policyholders take the important first step to thoroughly prepare for unexpected catastrophes and mitigate losses before disaster strikes.


It is critical to contemplate the risks that could financially devastate a business. An experienced leader in catastrophe property and casualty insurance, Lexington provides insurance solutions that address a wide array of risks from earthquakes and hurricanes to wildfires and terrorist attacks. For brokers who would like to learn more about addressing their clients' insurance needs.


Accelerating recovery from disasters is our top priority. Learn how state-of-the-market technology, expertise, and resources optimize our catastrophe response and our policyholders' recovery.