A swift response to a catastrophe is essential to expedite recovery and mitigate ultimate losses. Below is practical information to respond and accelerate recovery in the wake of a disaster.

How Lexington Helps

Lexington Insurance Company has proven catastrophe response capabilities to support policyholders every step of the way. 

  • Hundreds of the industry's most experienced property and casualty claims professionals stand ready to support Lexington policyholders.
  • Advanced modeling tools and technology give us state-of-the-art ability to track storms and assess damage from various catastrophes, so resources are deployed quickly and effectively, precisely where they are needed.
  • Extensive in-house expertise and in-force contracts with best in class third party resources such as the nation's foremost earthquake certified independent adjusters, engineer and building consultants; ensure access to premier resources fast, even when demand is highest.
  • Advance payments expedite policyholders' efforts to rebuild their properties.
  • Longstanding arrangements with leading defense counsel can assist policyholders in mounting an optimal defense in liability litigation.
  • Paperless processing technology supports business continuity and uninterrupted claims handling service for policyholders, even when our own offices are in the path of a disaster.

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