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Join us as we celebrate a history of innovation: 50 years of firsts. For insurance. For people. For companies.



Lexington Insurance partnered with The Flood Insurance Agency (TFIA) to develop a new and innovative policy endorsement called Lex FloodReady. This endorsement is written on our Lex Private Market Flood policies and designed to enhance policyholder's flood resiliency through a novel loss settlement program.


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) ProtectorSM was designed by Lexington
Insurance precisely to address this risk—and to enable municipalities and developers to move forward with TIF-based projects with confidence.

Robotics Shield wins the Business Insurance Innovation Award.

Significant Other Coverage extends both worldwide liability coverage and personal property protection to the LexElite® Homeowners insured’s significant other (i.e., romantic partner), cost-effectively closing a coverage gap by extending critical protection to the romantic partner of the named insured and bringing homeowners protection in line with contemporary lifestyles.


Celebrity Product RecallResponse® is unveiled to cover costs incurred by a company following a celebrity endorser’s public fall from grace, scandal, or unexpected death. Coverage encompasses the costs of recalling product(s) bearing the celebrity endorser’s name and image.

Unmanned Aircraft Insurance wins the Business Insurance Innovation Award.

Robotics Shield is introduced to provide end-to-end risk management for the booming robotics industry. Robotics Shield brings together General & Products Liability Insurance, Robotics Errors & Omissions Insurance, and Risk Management Services, all three of which are specifically tailored for the robotics industry. Robotics Shield also provides single-point access to a dedicated Robotics Claims Team, enhancing claims management and supporting continuity of coverage.

LexShare HOME Rental Coverage is specifically designed to provide enhanced property damage, theft, and liability coverages for homeowners renting their premises. The coverage responds to the fast growth in rentals sparked by the sharing economy and facilitated by sites such as Airbnb.

The Craft Breweries, Micro-distilleries, and Small Wineries Program responds to the boom in demand for craft beers and locally made spirits with a program for these operations’ full spectrum of risks, combining traditional property and casualty insurance with specialty coverages such as liquor liability, equipment breakdown, crime insurance, and more.


Unmanned Aircraft Insurance & the Unmanned Aircraft Liability Endorsement are launched jointly by Lexington and AIG Aerospace to address the uncharted risks of the burgeoning unmanned aircraft industry.

Claims Lab opens in Olathe, Kansas, to advance the testing of new technologies, tools, and processes that will make claims adjusting more efficient and effective.

Identity Misrepresentation Coverage provides critical identity fraud protection and reimburses an insured for identity misrepresentation expenses arising from a fraudulent cargo pickup.

Mandatory Evacuation Response Coverage, an endorsement to LexElite® Homeowners Insurance, reimburses policyholders for travel, living, and related expenses associated with a civil-authority mandated evacuation order issued in tandem with a wildfire or named storm.

LexRail Response® provides railroad clients with priority access to specialized resources to respond to emergency environmental incidents, including pre-qualified environmental contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada at reduced rates.

LexCyberSafety is the first-of-its-kind coverage designed to address the emerging risks of cyberbullying. Hand in hand with the product launch, Lexington embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of the cyberbullying problems and solutions to address it.

Residual Value Insurance (RVI) insures the final balloon payment on an extended amortization loan, providing real estate clients a valuable tool to increase the loan-to-value ratios of credit tenant lease financings.

Environmental Emergency Response Cost Coverage for Construction General Liability policies is created in partnership with AIG Environmental to assist contractors with emergency response clean-up costs associated with a pollution event.

Releases “Professional Liability in the Dental Practice: Lessons Learned from Closed Claims,” a first-ever report covering five years of claims experience of more 17,000 dentists. Created in collaboration with our dental program partners, Dentist’s Advantage and the Academy of General Dentistry, the report provides insights that help those across the dental industry increase patient safety and lower professional liability exposure.

The Custom Harvest Program provides a package solution for those harvesting and hauling agricultural products, including those involved in forage harvesting, citrus, cotton, vegetables, peanuts, soy, and more.


Lexington’s hurricane season thought leadership wins Outstanding Social Media Campaign at the 2013 Internet Advertising Competition; Super Storm Sandy infographic is awarded Best Design, Social Media Campaign.

Parity wins the Business Insurance Innovation Award.

Crisis Response® Coverage for Higher Education provides reimbursement for expenses incurred to manage and mitigate a covered crisis event.

The MountainGuard Program passes the 50 year mark, testimony to the excellent working relationship between program partner, Willis of New Hampshire (previously Kendall Insurance), and AIG, and the ski resort professionals insured by the program since 1963.


Lexington executives personally deliver a $2 million initial claim payment to a major port days after a fire ravages the waterfront pier.

Parity, the Technology Contract Risk Policy, reimburses business interruption losses sustained as a result of an IT contractor’s negligent errors or omissions.

CarbonCover® ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) addresses the emerging needs of the climate change and greenhouse gas emissions sector, with property insurance for project developers collecting tangible physical assets for the purpose of creating emission reductions and carbon offset credits.

Law and Ordinance Upgrade for Higher Education, Healthcare, and Commercial Real Estate policyholders covers the costs to rebuild the insured property to building codes and safety standards in accordance with the latest published IBC or IEBC.

LexEcoBank® provides first-party coverage for conservation and mitigation banks being developed and managed to provide natural resource values.

HELP® International Catastrophe expressly provides first-party coverage for tuition-related lost income sustained by an insured college or university when the enrollment status of an international student is disrupted due to a catastrophe in the student’s home country.


ITC Energy-48 Insurance Program, consisting of ITC Energy-48 Mobile Property Insurance and ITC Energy-48 Professional Liability Insurance, is designed to protect owners, developers, and investors against financial losses arising from the loss or damage to energy property.

Spoliation Insurance is expanded and made available to an array of insureds, including lawyers, accountants, testing facilities, and document and property storage facilities. Coverage is designed to protect against third-party claims alleging spoliation of evidence that is material to a legal proceeding.

LexArchaeology provides first-party coverage for expenses and construction completion delays that arise due to the unexpected discovery at a construction site of archaeological resources of significant interest.


LexCap Overturn wins the Business Insurance Innovation Award.

Ongoing hand delivery of advance claim payments to property policyholders underscores Lexington’s commitment to best-in-class service.

CarbonCover® Registry offers professional liability insurance for registries that track, confirm, and verify carbon offset credits.

CarbonCover® Design and Confirm, an extension to Lexington’s Architects and Engineers Professional Liability Insurance, expressly covers claims arising from GHG consulting services or emission reduction verification services.

LexNanoShield® provides integrated liability coverage and an array of risk management services to assess and manage the product liability exposures of companies manufacturing, distributing, or using nanoparticles or nanomaterials.

Spoliation Insurance is designed to protect architects, engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, agency construction managers, and engineering companies that provide testing and forensic analysis in claims arising from failure to preserve property of evidentiary value belonging to others that is in its care, custody, and control.



LexCap Overturn allows healthcare policyholders to purchase a medical professional liability endorsement in case a statutory cap on non-economic damages is overturned during the policy term.

Upgrade to Green® – Builder’s Risk. As part of its continued support of sustainable development, Lexington introduces Upgrade to Green® – Builder’s Risk to address the unique exposures of property owners during green construction and renovation.

LexWildfire Smoke® protects colleges, universities, and other facilities from the business income losses they suffer if their operations are disrupted by smoke from a local wildfire.


Lex Elite® Eco-Homeowner® covers loss of income or extra expense resulting from physical damage to alternative energy generating systems and enhances coverage for trees, shrubs, and plants (which can help remove greenhouse gases) on the homeowners’ property.

Upgrade to Green® – Commercial enables a commercial property policyholder to rebuild the insured property and replace certain damaged or destroyed personal property with products that embrace sustainability principles and reduce the overall impact of the building on the environment.

Pandemic Rx® protects acute care medical facilities facing business income losses and extra expenses from an influenza pandemic.

Lex Infrastructure Solutions® is a modular suite of insurance coverages built expressly for contractors performing bridge and road work to strengthen America’s infrastructure.

LexExpress provides easy, efficient access to $1 million in excess auto liability insurance limits.

Global Supply Chain Coverage is designed in collaboration with Marsh to address the financial impact of global supply chain disruptions.

Lex Idle Asset Protector provides general and excess liability for interim owners of homebuilder’s assets (such as vacant land, graded lots, or partially completed homes) left idle due to stalled projects or foreclosures in a weakened economy.

The Dental Program, coupling professional liability insurance with other optional lines of coverage, is embraced by more than 18,000 dentists nationwide and endorsed by the Academy of General Dentistry.


Catastrophe Advantage Program uses state-of-the-art modeling and Lexington’s proprietary data to project which policyholders are vulnerable to property losses in advance of an oncoming hurricane.

LexCast podcast series debuts.

LexAssure launches primary professional liability insurance expressly for regional accounting firms.

Property Complete offers middle-market businesses options ranging from general property and equipment breakdown to inland marine coverages.

LexElect provides one-stop access to property and casualty coverages for campaign committees.

Lex Elite® Upgrade to Green® – Residential provides upgraded benefits for LexElite Homeowners insureds who repair or rebuild a home to achieve greater energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability standards.


Radiology Solutions addresses the specific risks of diagnostic radiology facilities through a single, efficient portfolio.

Zoning Restriction Protector® addresses the financial exposure of property owners whose damaged property must be rebuilt under code that eliminates its current use or reduces its rentable square footage. 

RecallResponse® provides coverage for product recall expenses and liability to third parties.

Evacuation Response Coverage pays numerous expenses that healthcare, higher education, and other institutions incur in complying with mandatory evacuation orders, including costs for transportation, shelter, food, and medical care for patients, students, and essential employees.

Lexington increases property capacity from $100M to $250M.

Special Events Insurance Program provides general liability Insurance for fare-paying patrons and the insured’s employees.

Event Cancellation Insurance Program responds to losses incurred when an event is canceled for reasons beyond the insured’s control. Coverage can be tailored for events anywhere in the world, including trade shows, conventions, concerts, and sporting events of any size.

Education Program encompasses the diverse property and casualty exposures of private primary schools, colleges, and universities.

Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance addresses claims arising from property lost or damaged while in the custody of clients in the warehousing, trucking, and logistics industry.


After Hurricane Katrina, Lexington immediately wires $10 million to a university policyholder to jump start water extraction and restoration. The remaining $15 million policy limit is wired approximately 30 days later.

BioChem Shield® addresses an exposure that plagues multiple industries with far-reaching protection for property losses arising from terrorist attacks using biological and chemical agents.

OpsShield® covers a business’ losses and extra expenses after a terrorist act when a civil or military order impedes its operations.

Outsourcing Protector addresses business interruption losses and extra expenses when a named property peril impacts the insured’s vendor’s facility.

Lex TransportPlus, a suite of insurance coverages and risk management services designed to efficiently and effectively address the exposures encountered at every link in the supply chain.


LexCyberSecure® expands Lexington’s commercial property coverage to address network security risks that may not be covered under traditional property insurance. Three-fold protection encompasses information assets, network business interruption, and cyber extortion‑related losses.

SAFETY Act Homeland Protector® brings to market product and professional liability insurance for companies developing and deploying Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) in accordance with the U.S. SAFETY Act.

Higher Education Risk Solutions is established to holistically address the risks of colleges and universities—everything from general property and property terrorism to educators’ liability and accident and health coverages.

AIG Sports Risk Solutions kicks off to provide comprehensive insurance for youth and adult amateur athletic organizations across America.

Venue Liability Protector® protects patrons and employees of sports stadiums, museums, night clubs, and a host of other venues, enabling venues to pay benefits to victims and their family members after an accident without a finding of legal fault.

BusPlus® extends excess auto liability coverage to expressly address the extra liability exposures of school bus operators.


GuardSecure® provides general and professional liability insurance for private security firms. Policies are customizable for individual risks across a wide range of security professions, including difficult foreign exposures.


Lexington is the first U.S.-based surplus lines provider to put forth capacity for property terrorism risks after 9/11.



Railroad Liability Coverage for Short Line Railroads launches.

Owner’s Design ProTec Professional Indemnity Insurance provides excess coverage for project owners for legal liability resulting from the action or inaction of their hired design professionals.

A dedicated Programs Loss Control Department is established, giving insureds direct access to professionals to help them manage risk and reduce exposures.


The Human and Social Service Programs provide a multi-faceted insurance solution for a broad range of human service agencies, including adoption/foster care agencies, boys/girls clubs and facilities involved in elder care, substance abuse treatment, and providing support for the developmentally disabled.


Patent Infringement Liability introduced.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance is introduced to address employment-related discrimination, wrongful termination, and other employment practices violations.

Hospital & Healthcare Employees HIV Assistance Coverage introduced.



GWP for first 6 months of 1987 is $483 million.

In response to market conditions, Lexington establishes Cat Excess Liability in Bermuda.


In response to market conditions, Lexington opens its Programs Division.


In response to market conditions, Lexington opens its Healthcare Division.



Lexington opens its doors in London.

Risk Specialist Companies network created.



Lexington is incorporated.