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Hurricane Season

For the 2020 Hurricane season, which starts on June 1, certain outlets are predicting 18 or 19 named storms. Even on the more conservative side, the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project is calling for 16 named storms , eight hurricanes and four major hurricanes. A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or higher (115-plus-mph winds) on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.  This year’s forecast is above the 30-year average (1981 to 2010) of 12 named storms, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes.(1)

Comprehensive Property CAT Solutions

  • Flexible program structure – open to risks on a 100%, shared, layered or excess position on a non-admitted basis through Lexington Insurance Company (or AIG Specialty Insurance Company in Delaware)
  • Meaningful Catastrophe capacity available throughout placements
  • Minimum deductible of $25,000 for middle market and $100,000 for risk management business
  • Minimum premium of $50,000 with consideration given based on risk size for small commercial clients

Industry Focus

  • Broad flexible risk appetite to underwrite occupancies centered around challenged and unique risks for small and mid-sized clients, including CAT exposure
  • Concentrate on non-admitted business

Additional Services


  • Deliver unique solutions for each individual risk, to support our broker partners’ opportunities

Risk Management Services

  • Lexington’s policies are complemented by a wide range of risk management services to assist policyholders in loss mitigation and risk reduction, as well as improvement of business operations
  • Learn more about preparing for this year’s Hurricane season by visiting our CAT Info Center

Claims Handling Expertise

  • The AIG Property Claims Promise affirms that our dedicated team of claims experts will mobilize in rapid response to a covered event and, after coverage is confirmed, will advance our policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days, giving them the immediate working funds they need for property damage and repairs, clean-up costs and extra expenses.
  • Consistent claims service worldwide, with average AIG adjuster experience of 20 years

1 Colorado State University: