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Lexington understands the diverse nature of healthcare risk and can provide a broad approach to clinical risk management and patient safety, whether the risk is a large healthcare organization, a small rural hospital, or a long term care facility. Policyholders benefit from a wide selection of expert resources designed to address clinical exposures, successfully and proactively manage risk, and enhance patient safety.

Through our knowledgeable and experienced risk management consultants, healthcare policyholders receive customized risk and patient safety consulting services, such as:

  • Comprehensive onsite consultations and follow up recommendations 
  • A wide array of best practice assessments (BPAs) focused on high risk clinical areas and other functions
  • Medical group office practice assessments (OPAs)
  • Web-based continuing education opportunities

AIG's unique web-based risk management system has been developed to help policyholders proactively manage their safety policies, programs, audits, and training policies. RiskTool is available 24/7, and provides direct access to some of the most popular online risk prevention and loss control resources.

Brokers and insureds can also access LexCasts, Lexington’s extensive library of archived podcast and webcast information which explores in depth property issues from weather hazards, building and equipment standards, to fire protection systems and other specialized topics.

AIG Healthcare: Prevention and Patient Safety
Whether making hospitals safer for patients, construction sites safer for workers or helping parents avoid concussion injuries at the little league ballpark, AIG is committed to helping prevent injuries from happening. Learn more about AIG’s commitment to prevention and patient safety here.