Lexington Professional Liability: Architects & Engineers (A&E)

What is Lexington A&E?

Lexington A&E (Architects and Engineers) is a market leader that provides:

  • Professional liability coverage solutions.
  • Technical expertise to help solve client risk challenges.
  • Innovative insurance solutions for clients of all sizes, from the middle market to large multinationals.
  • Risk management expertise, and specialized, in-house claims services.

An industry leader in
A&E for 45+ years

Strength and focus
in middle market

Specialized in-house
A&E claims professionals

The Lexington Advantage

Technical Expertise

  • Delivers customized A&E solutions through a dedicated team of A&E underwriters, risk engineers and claims experts

  • Provides accurate and timely quotes to solve the unique risks faced by clients of all sizes, especially the middle market

  • Supports clients with local expertise in 215+ countries and jurisdictions

Why is this important?

As an industry leader for 45+ years, the Lexington A&E team has the technical and market expertise to solve client challenges around the globe.

Customized Solutions

  • Builds strong, consistent relationships with retail and wholesale brokers to better understand specific A&E challenges and deliver solutions
  • Provides client specific coverage beyond standard policy forms with tailored language that fits client exposures

  • Addresses clients’ tough-to-write A&E risks with flexibility around attachment points, terms, and limits

Why is this important?

Lexington A&E’s dedicated underwriting expertise delivers flexibility and industry leading solutions.

Proven Claims and Risk Management Expertise

  • Supports clients with in-house A&E claims professionals – most have professional designations as attorneys or engineers

  • Utilizes industry knowledge to deliver a holistic approach to claims experience and improve outcomes

  • Provides clients access to Lexington A&E’s unparalleled risk management services including contract reviews, risk management seminars, and pre-claims assistance

Why is this important?

Broad risk management services help anticipate new and emerging risks and in-house claims professionals enhance the claims process.

Why Lexington

Technical Expertise

Issue: A client was being non-renewed by incumbent market due to unique challenges.

Solution: Through the Lexington A&E teams’s underwriting process, the team was able to better understand the client’s risks, claims history, and global reach. Drawing on its technical expertise and multinational capabilities, the Lexington A&E team and the broker developed a customized solution to protect against the client’s risk challenges in several countries.

Benefit: The client gained a customized and comprehensive global program by working together with the Lexington A&E team and the broker.

Why is this important?

The Lexington A&E team’s  technical expertise delivers responsive, client-specific solutions.

Customized Solution

Issue: Following a recent acquisition, a middle market engineering firm required an insurance solution to address the expanded operations of the merged firm.

Solution: The Lexington A&E team quickly developed an understanding of the disparate exposures of the combined firm allowing for a comprehensive creative solution that helped the client address additional risks presented by the merger.

Benefit: The client received specific, appropriate coverages that meet the unique challenges presented by its new risk profile.

Why is this important?

The Lexington A&E team addresses challenging risks with flexibility guided by decades of experience.

Proven Claims and Risk Management Expertise

Issue: A mid-sized firm experienced an increase in claims resulting from the expansion of their business into new areas of practice

Solution: In advance of renewal, the Lexington A&E team suggested legal reviews of the client’s contracts to ensure fair allocation of risk. It also provided two risk management seminars for the client that focused on mitigating exposure.

Benefit: The client received actionable risk management insights from the Lexington A&E team’s in-house experts and its third-party partners.

Why is this important?

Holistic risk management benefits all parties, mitigates exposure, and reduces costs.

National Leadership

Christopher Bresnahan

Head of Lexington Architects & Engineers Insurance


Khoa Phan  

Architects & Engineers - East

Adam Reeser  

Architects & Engineers - South Central and West

Alex Blohm  

Architects & Engineers - Midwest

The scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Coverage depends on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Anyone interested in the above product(s) should request a copy of the standard form of policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage.

Lexington Insurance has been providing continuous, flexible coverage options to the architects & engineers industry for over 50 years. It combines collective experience with broad coverages and flexibility in rate and form to create tailored insurance programs. And, with Lexington and AIG’s continuous investment in risk management services, clients are supported with best-in-class tools and resources to prevent and mitigate losses. However, when a loss does occur, Lexington claims investigation and resolution services are provided by experienced teams dedicated solely to healthcare related claims.  Licensed, surplus lines brokers may obtain products and services from Lexington Insurance Company or from Lexington Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA license no.#6003097), an AIG subsidiary serving as a program administrator for Lexington Insurance Company and other AIG member companies.