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Why Choose LexPro Risk Management?

What We Do.

LexPro Risk Management Client Services Team provides an extensive and diverse array of risk management services and educational resources and tools as a complimentary, value-add feature of our LexPro Employment Practice Liability Policies.

Why We Do It.

The LexPro Risk Management Client Services Team understands and values our policyholders’ commitment to employment practice liability risk management. Controlling employment practices liability exposures while keeping pace with employment litigation trends and regulatory changes is a major challenge for all employers. Lexington provides our employment practices liability (EPL) policyholders with access to industry-leading loss prevention services. 

The Lexington Advantage

Loss Control

We provide our insureds with direct access to loss control consultants to help address concerns and reduce risk exposures. With the ability to provide hands-on assistance and advice on potential risks, our network of professionals can provide valuable input on loss control and reducing specific exposures.

  • Access to a Risk Management Consultation Helpline
  • Human Resources Documents and Templates Library
  • Employment Law Training Videos
  • Employment Law Reference Manuals
  • Employment Law News Alerts

Click here for our LexPro Risk Management Client Services for Employment Practices Liability sheet in PDF format.

To learn more about available risk management services available to LexPro Employment Practice Liability Policyholders, contact the LexPro Risk Management Client Services Team at: