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What is Lexington Builders Risk?

AIG Builders Risk is a leading U.S.-based provider of insurance solutions in the construction industry segment, focusing on both single project and Master Builders Risk solutions on a wide array of project types, and provides:

  • Broad appetite and growth mindset for primary, quota share and excess placement for a wide range of accounts
  • Creative solutions tailored to the unique nature of each of its client’s construction risks
  • Multinational capabilities to support clients globally
  • Experienced and knowledgeable risk engineers who collaborate with clients to implement measurable risk improvements that can help prevent losses and reduce costs 

  • A team of dedicated Builders Risk Property Claims Adjusters with 20+ years’ average experience handling claims and risk engineers with 50+ years’ cumulative loss control team experience

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The Lexington Advantage

Committed Carrier

  • Provides dedicated Builders Risk underwriting expertise capable of adapting to market fluctuations while committing to market stability and flexible solutions for the project term 

  • Brings decades of Builders Risk experience allowing for customized solutions for each unique situation and providing needed contract certainty
  • Supports clients with a reliable team of in-house Builders Risk claims professionals who average 20+ years of experience.

Why is this important?

Long-term stability, adaptability, and dedicated claims service underscore AIG’s commitment to its clients.

Flexible Solutions

  • Consistently develops flexible solutions with quick turnaround derived from industry claims data, emerging risk trends, and technical expertise to meet your clients’ unique construction risk needs 

  • Develops tailored coverages for small, mid sized and complex projects, including domestic, multinational, and multi-year 

  • Provides customized solutions for wood frame structures that include flexible project coverage

Why is this important?

Flexible solutions respond to client needs across a range of project durations and around the world.

Dedicated Risk Services

  • Dedicates a team of risk engineering specialists and claims professionals to help clients implement measurable risk improvements, prevent losses, and manage costs 

  • Upon Property Damage coverage confirmation, AIG promises to provide working funds of 50% of its share of the agreed property damage estimate within 7 days

  • Able to provide clients with risk engineering customized service plans and comprehensive loss control reports to help manage Total Cost of Risk

Why is this important?

Effective risk management, claims support and loss control helps mitigate risks and reduce costs.

Why Lexington

Committed Carrier

Issue: A client’s risk manager approached Lexington for data on key construction loss drivers to determine potential causes of loss. They wanted to address various exposures and manage their overall cost of risk.

Solution: We provided proprietary claims and risk data, detailing  the frequency and potential severity of industry loss drivers. We also provided a risk engineering service plan including insights on how to help prevent or mitigate loss.

Benefit: The client and broker used our expansive view of first-party construction risks to customize their risk management program to the scale and uniqueness of the client’s operations and project exposures.

Why is this important?

Lexington’s vast experience, data, and solutions help clients lower overall cost of risk.

Flexible Solutions

Issue: A client’s multi-year project was halted for several months due to labor, materials, and supply chain challenges.  This delay resulted in a change to project scope and extension of construction timeline.

Solution: Working with the broker and client, we provided both a coverage solution for the standstill period and committed to provide a coverage extension for the anticipated duration of the project.

Benefit: Continuity of coverage allowed the client to continue on  the project through challenging economic circumstances.

Why is this important?

Lexington Builders Risk is there when clients need them,  during difficult times and over the long term.

Dedicated Risk Services

Issue: To better understand the exposures, best practices,  and risk mitigation efforts surrounding a new and trending construction class, a client’s risk manager sought our expertise prior to project initiation.

Solution: Risk engineering, claims, and underwriting provided a multi-faceted risk engineering proposal supported by white papers and insights on how innovative new technology can help lower the frequency and severity  of future losses.

Benefit: Implementing our recommendations resulted in a highly customized program with a lower cost of risk.

Why is this important?

We support client innovation through the depth  of our dedicated risk services.

National Leadership

Eric Zimmerman

Head of Builders Risk & Construction Property

Cliff Hope

Head of Lexington Property

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The scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Coverage depends on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Anyone interested in the above product(s) should request a copy of the standard form of policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage.