What is LexPro?

LexProSM provides the wholesale broker market with management liability insurance solutions including D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Crime, and more, for SME clients. Dedicated, service-focused underwriters work with wholesale brokers quickly to address risks and provide solutions to meet their clients’ insurance needs.

Focused on the
Wholesale Broker Market

Broad Small and
Medium Enterprise (SME) Appetite

Response Time

The Lexington Advantage

Dedicated Wholesale Broker Market

  • Provides wholesale brokers with a stable, comprehensive platform tailored for their SME clients

  • Delivers customized D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, and Crime solutions

  • Invests in dedicated resources and underwriting expertise

Why is this important?

LexPro is committed to providing wholesale brokers with access to specialized management liability insurance solutions for their SME clients in a fast-paced environment.

Middle Market Platform

  • Underwrites D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Crime insurance solutions for mid-sized enterprises with revenues of up to $250M
  • Provides quality products with coverage designed to address the unique needs of mid-sized enterprises
  • Employs proprietary systems to ensure fast turnaround and ease of delivery throughout the quote, bind, and policy issuance process

Why is this important?

LexPro efficiently provides management liability coverages designed for mid-sized businesses.

Risk Mitigation & Claims Expertise

  • Crafts risk mitigation strategies utilizing AIG’s management liability expertise and historical claims data 

  • Has experienced, dedicated in-house claims professionals to provide client support and guidance

Why is this important?

LexPro’s resources and expertise support policyholders through the entire risk management and claims experience.

Why Lexington?

Dedicated Wholesale Broker Market

Issue: A healthcare staffing firm was unable to secure their EPL renewal through traditional admitted markets.

Solution: LexPro’s dedicated underwriters developed an E&S insurance solution utilizing a creative retention option that provided the EPL coverage the healthcare staffing firm required.

Benefit: The healthcare staffing firm was able to move ahead knowing they had EPL coverage that met their business and regulatory compliance needs.

Why is this important?

LexPro underwriters work with wholesale brokers  to help place challenging risks.

Middle Market Platform

Issue: A mid-sized manufacturer struggled to secure D&O coverage for its leadership team due to its unfavorable loss history.

Solution: After meeting with the wholesale broker and the manufacturer, LexPro was able to understand the unique risks of this company, enabling LexPro to provide a D&O solution that other markets were unwilling to deliver.

Benefit: The manufacturer’s leadership team was able to focus on building the business knowing they had proper D&O coverage in place.

Why is this important?

LexPro’s commitment to the middle market allows us  to understand risks and provides customized solutions.

Risk Mitigation & Claims Expertise

Issue: Employee allegations of harassment by a senior manager threatened a client’s reputation and business.

Solution: Working in collaboration with the client’s legal counsel, our claims and litigation experts quickly negotiated a settlement including non-disclosure agreements.

Benefit: The quick and comprehensive settlement helped avoid public disclosure of the allegation which could have severely hurt the client’s reputation and business.

Why is this important?

Our claims expertise helps to ensure reputation management and business continuity.

National Leadership

Julia Keenan

Head of LexPro, Lexington Insurance Company

Sharon Fusco

National Head of Professional Lines and Cyber

Patrick Barton

Head of East Zone

David Moone

Head of West Zone

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Lexington Insurance has been providing continuous, flexible, management liability solutions for over 50 years. It combines collective experience with broad coverages and flexibility in rate and form to create tailored insurance programs. And, with Lexington and AIG’s continuous investment in risk management services, clients are supported with best-in-class tools and resources to prevent and mitigate losses. However, when a loss does occur, Lexington claims investigation and resolution services are provided by experienced teams dedicated solely to healthcare related claims.  Licensed, surplus lines brokers may obtain products and services from Lexington Insurance Company or from Lexington Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA license no.#6003097), an AIG subsidiary serving as a program administrator for Lexington Insurance Company and other AIG member companies.